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Student Support Resources: Campus Safety


For the Fastest Response On-Campus:

Dial 817-515-8911 (or 58911 from any on-campus telephone) to reach TCC Campus Police.

This number will connect you directly to the TCC Police Dispatchers who will send the closest police officers to your aid and coordinate with any additional services needed for the fastest response. ​Pressing the red button on any of the Code Blue phones and speaker boxes strategically placed around TCC campuses will also directly connect you to the TCC Police Dispatch. 

See the TCC Emergency Information page to learn more about what to do in various emergency situations and the Annual Security Report for statistics on campus safety.

Emergency Alerts

There are two ways to opt in to receive emergency alerts from TCC on your mobile phone. Examples of the notifications sent include severe weather information and emergency closures. You may opt in to either or both. 

  1. myTCC Alerts: sends district and campus level alerts by text to your phone. 
  2. Alertus app: sends notifications that affect a single campus. The app is available for Apple and Android phones. 

If You Have Been the Victim of a Crime

The TCC Police Department offers a Victims Assistance program to students and their families who have been the victim of a crime to try to lessen the associated trauma.

Services include

  • Confidential reporting
  • On-scene response to crimes
  • Education about crime victims' rights
  • Information about and referrals to community resources and social services
  • Explanation of the criminal justice system
  • Case status information and referral to a TCC Police Department detective
  • Assistance with Crime Victims' compensation

To reach the Victims Assistance program, dial 817-515-8911, and ask to speak to the Victim Assistance Coordinator.

Active Shooter Situation

Tarrant County College has developed a protocol for students and employees to respond to an active shooter situation. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to empower yourself and know what to do should this situation occur. 


In Case of Emergency

  • Dial 911 only if off-campus
  • Dial 817-515-8911 when on a TCCD campus (or 58911 from any on-campus telephone)

For the fastest response to an emergency of any type, all efforts should be made to contact the TCC Police Department first. TCC officers are already on campuses, and they can get to you faster than city police officers.

Dialing 911 from a cell phone on a campus will not connect you to the TCC Police Department but will connect you to the municipal public safety call center closest to your location.

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